Some more links I done seen

Aug 28

Roger Ebert on Brian de Palma. Raymond Chandler on his wife: “She was the music heard faintly at the edge of sound”. The psychology of cosmic awe. The most compelling Reddit thread EVER. Rubbish superheroes. John Niven on the death of his brother. Incredible. Why Arsene Wenger doesn’t spend money. I’ve often...

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Some links

Aug 11

Interesting Daniel Knowles pieceĀ on London’s gentrification. Five SNES games you can play in your lunch hourĀ and for good measure every Megadrive game. Amazing 80s portraits of London here and here Car accident on Finchley Road, 1924. Stunning pictures of Detroit in decline. Photos of the British seaside in the 60s. Dennis Severs...

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More links

Jun 19

Mind blowing hidden details in paintings. Wonderful list of good graphic novels. The Quality of Living Survey. Bill Hicks interviewed in 1988. Your pop questions, answered. 10 disturbing videos from...

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Link me up

May 04

Britain’s surnames in map form. Mozart in edits. Journalist takes a year off the net. Surprising. Cosmarxpolitan Amazing interactive article on...

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Link me up eleventy

Apr 11

Abandoned mansions Live trains on the underground Beautiful post on doves Heartwrenching experience Dog bomb Analysis of song patterns Fascinating Danny Baker interview A Bit of Fry and Laurie...

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Link-me-up again

Feb 21

Photos of abandoned ruins. Tory MP tells it how it is on justice. Photos of North Korea. Life advice from a six-year-old, taken literally. 10 mysterious lost treasures. Tegan and Sara’s album worth a listen. Most amazing high school project ever. Colour photo of French troops, Verdun, 1916. Heaven’s Calling, Alaska Norway Sky...

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