Six great Jools Holland performances

Sep 21

Aforementioned blogging hiatus ongoing, but had a bit of time to do another music post…   1. Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed, 2008. And this is why I love Jools Holland. Ahem – Jools Holland’s show. Never heard of this guy before, heard very little since, but can he sing? Can he play? HELLS yes.   2. Tori Amos,...

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Link-me-up 3

Sep 16

On a bit of a blogging hiatusĀ  due to having to do actual writing for actual money, but here’s some stuff. Wonderful pictures of Manhattan in the 1940s. Tear jerking IM article (via @jamesrbuk). 10 scary paintings. Extreme tidying. Pinched from B3ta….just bloody TERRIFYING Ditto….just bloody LOVELY Great rioting...

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Lesser spotted music post: the sense of an ending

Sep 05

Four songs I like which go in unexpected directions. Beirut – ‘East Harlem’ It starts rather stately and plodding. It’s such a simple song – just three chords – G, C and D, but then in the latter section he throws an E Minor in there, the plinky piano starts, the vocal harmonies kick in and you have...

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