Linkington link links

Sep 24

Louis C.K. on mobile phones.¬†(which everyone’s seen but I had to put it somewhere). Magnificent cricket article on Jeff Thompson at his quickest. List of secret societies. The private poetics of New York City. A very lovely wedding proposal. Amazing photo of Custer and officers. Literary action figures. Johnny Cash has been...

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Link me up

Sep 12

The memories you build up in life. Adrenaline photos. Insane military tactics. Desolate UK beaches. Carnaby St in the 60s. And Carnaby echoes. Female spies who brought down the Nazis. Cartoon guide to the Assad regime. Beatles vocal...

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Syria: A Mini-Reading List

Sep 03

Start here. Nine questions about Syria you were afraid to ask. Here’s an aspect we don’t hear a lot about – why Syria has chemical weapons. Noam Scheiber on the questions he would ask Obama about intervention. Patrick Cockburn on the options for Syrian peace. A¬†response to Cockburn from Hopi Sen. Norman Geras on the...

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