My outrage over the Sainsbury’s advert which is an advert

Nov 13

I was outraged this morning, when I saw the new advert for Sainsbury’s. This advert deals with a poignant event in world history, but it’s quite plausible that this advert will cause people to spend money in Sainsbury’s, and that can’t be a good thing. The John Lewis advert will make people spend money in John Lewis but that’s ok because it’s about a penguin.

But this advert is about war, and you can’t have that. Adverts should either be about penguins, or other things like penguins, but not war. It’s manipulative. And I hate manipulative adverts. Although if it wasn’t an advert, I’d have quite enjoyed it. Having said that, the advert also advertises a thing for charity, so that’s probably alright. In summary, that Dapper Laughs eh? Blimey.