My full thoughts on Sarah Vine versus Jack Monroe

Nov 25

I was outraged when I saw Jack Monroe had tweeted that thing about Cameron’s son that other people on the left had been saying on the internet since last year. It may have been the same thing but she’s a face for Sainsbury’s and she’s a role model to thousands of people in that capacity. She should be fired from the hypothetical ad campaign she might not even have been asked to front in future.

That said I was even more outraged when Sarah Vine sort of said she shouldn’t have brought up a child because she’s a lesbian, primarily because it had nothing to do with Monroe’s point but moreover because if you look at it a certain way she’s definitely saying lesbians can’t bring up children, either that or she’s saying she shouldn’t have had a child when her marital status was uncertain, frankly it’s hard to say, but I’m absolutely outraged. In conclusion Emily Thornberry makes me sick to my stomach.