Six great Jools Holland performances

Sep 21

Aforementioned blogging hiatus ongoing, but had a bit of time to do another music post…


1. Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed, 2008.

And this is why I love Jools Holland. Ahem – Jools Holland’s show. Never heard of this guy before, heard very little since, but can he sing? Can he play? HELLS yes.


2. Tori Amos, some time in the 90s

I love this song. It’s got a pretty moving back story.


 3. Rodrigo y Gabriela, 2006

Flamenco guitarists playing rock music. It should sound gimmicky but it doesn’t. Gabriella’s part is much, much harder than it sounds.


4. Cat Power, 2006

I wouldn’t want to see her live on the off-chance she stropped off stage, so seeing her perform on this is a safe remove. She’s a vulnerable person. And that’s how she sings. And that’s what she sings about. Beautiful.


5. KT Tunstall, 2004

One small Scottish girl with a guitar, a tambourine, and an Akai Headrush pedal. Perhaps this performance was the making and breaking her, because for all the excellent songs she’s come up with since, I’m not sure she’ll ever match this.


 6. Bloc Party, 2004

A great band? Not really. But it all just came together for this performance. Splendid drumming, and the ending is TIGHT. Jools is a wassock, of course, but his show seems to get the best out of people.