Some links

Aug 11

Interesting Daniel Knowles piece on London’s gentrification.

Five SNES games you can play in your lunch hour and for good measure every Megadrive game.

Amazing 80s portraits of London here and here

Car accident on Finchley Road, 1924.

Stunning pictures of Detroit in decline.

Photos of the British seaside in the 60s.

Dennis Severs talks about his house

Starcross, Devon.

And the seaside now :(

When you’ve been tortured, does it matter who your torturer was?

Photo before more famous photo.

Clive James reviews Dan Brown.

Some great Vines.

Andrew O’Hagan in Kandahar (longread).

Talkative porcupine.

Bit of gold. How SFX was used in Gatsby.

How the minimum wage transformed pay.

Ten underwater cities you haven’t heard of.

The truth about asylum.

San Fran – ’64.

Was justice served in Steubenville? (Longread).