Syria: A Mini-Reading List

Sep 03

Start here. Nine questions about Syria you were afraid to ask.

Here’s an aspect we don’t hear a lot about – why Syria has chemical weapons.

Noam Scheiber on the questions he would ask Obama about intervention.

Patrick Cockburn on the options for Syrian peace.

response to Cockburn from Hopi Sen.

Norman Geras on the dispersal of humanitarian responsibility.

Richard Spencer on the ignorance of our MPs when it comes to foreign policy votes.

Rory Stewart on why he thinks chemical weapons should be a red line.

Dan Hodges on Labour and Syria. Your mileage, as ever, may vary.

On the same lines – Ben Bradshaw says Parliament made a big mistake.

Ian Dunt says Britain needs to open its doors to Syrian refugees.

Alex Thompson: what Wikileaks told us about Syria. And he’s also good on use of Israeli intelligence.

And on a similar vibe – how Syria has split America’s left.

And historical parallels drawn here: Spain. Afghanistan. Bosnia.